Notice on the Emergency Arrangements for Epidemic Prevention and Control for the IELTS of Qilu University of Technology


As notified by the British Council, in response to the current outbreak throughout China and in accordance with the latest relevant epidemic prevention requirements of Shandong Province and Jinan City, Qilu University of Technology has formulated a temporary emergency epidemic prevention and control plan as follows.

1.From 27 October onwards, all candidates must provide a paper copy of negative testing results within 48 hours issued by the local nucleic acid agency in Jinan when entering the campus on the day of the oral and written examinations (the validity of the report must be included in the examination day; the paper report will be collected and retained by the test site staff when the candidate enters the campus; candidates may submit a copy of the report). Candidates must enter the campus with the Shandong’s green health code and green travel code. Candidates with a history of travel to medium to high risk areas and their host cities within 14 days prior to the examination date (itinerary card showing green with an asterisk) will not be allowed to enter the school for the examination.Candidates with a history of travel to areas listed as having a medium or high risk of infection within 14 days prior to the examination date (travel code showing green with an asterisk) will not be allowed to enter the school for the examination.

2. Candidates are requested to show their Shandong green health code, without which they cannot enter the campus, and apply for the code to be scanned in advance. Candidates are also required to present the green trip code from the State Council client (WeChat app), without which they cannot enter the campus. Candidates are advised to search for State Council Client via Alipay or WeChat miniprogram in advance and click on the immunization travel code in the convenience services to provide a record of their trip for the past 14 days. Candidates are asked to prepare their electronic devices in advance and test whether their codes and cards can be displayed porperly, so that they can scan and present the health code and travel code that meet the regulations on the test day.

3. All candidates are required to enter the school with a 14-day temperature test form prior to the examination (please see the appendix).

4.Candidates from other areas of the city where the domestic medium and high risk areas are located or candidates who have travel history in the area within 14 days before the test should contact Jinan Center for Disease Control and Prevention on 0531-81278816 (Address: No. 2, Weiliu Road, Jinan City) to enquire about the relevant prevention policies and requirements in Jinan.

5.Candidates with a history of residence abroad within 28 days prior to the examination will not be allowed to enter the campus.

6.Candidates are required to enter the campus through the west gate (Haitang Road) of Changqing campus and walk for approximately 15-20 minutes to the oral examination building and 10-15 minutes to the written examination building as required. Candidates will not be allowed to enter the other gates during the examination period.

7. Candidates must follow the following requirements when entering and leaving the designated school gate:

1) Mask must be worn.

2) Show your IELTS pass for the day's exam. Candidates (including underage candidates under the age of 18) are required to enter the school at the designated times and parents or chaperones are not permitted to enter the school. If the test time for candidates is in the morning, the time to enter and leave the school is limited to the morning of the same day. Candidates cannot request to enter the school at a non-designated time on the grounds that they are familiar with the test room.

3) Show your ID card (if you register with a passport, please also bring your ID card for verification).

4) Measure body temperature. Candidates whose body temperature meets the standard, that is, the body temperature is lower than 37.3 C, can enter the school.

5) Social vehicles such as taxis, online car-hailing and private cars are prohibited from entering the school.

If the above measures are changed, we will notify you in a timely manner.

If you have any questions, please contact the IELTS Testing Center of Qilu University of Technology on 15020017883.


                                     2022年1月17日   January 17, 2022