The school (academy) joined the China-Belarus (Shandong) Education International Cooperation Alliance


On December 1, the unveiling ceremony of the China-Belarus (Shandong) Education International Cooperation Alliance and the Shandong-Vitebsk Region Educational Cooperation and Exchange Conference were held in Jinan. Liu Yongbo, deputy secretary of the party committee of the school (academy), attended relevant activities and delivered a speech.

During the event, Yuri Shchenko, Ambassador of Belarus to China, Deng Yunfeng, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Education Working Committee, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Provincial Department of Education, Cai Xianjin, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Provincial Party Committee attended and delivered speeches, and Director of the Education Bureau of Vitebsk Region Dmitry Houma speaks online. Ambassador Yuri Xianke, Director Deng Yunfeng and Director Cai Xianjin unveiled the China-Belarus (Shandong) Education International Cooperation Alliance.

At the educational cooperation and exchange meeting, 7 Chinese schools including Shandong Normal University and Jinan University conducted online exchanges with 7 foreign schools including Vitebsk Masherov State University and Vitebsk State Polytechnic University in Belarus. Liu Yongbo, deputy secretary of the party committee of the school (academy), introduced the development process of the integration of science and education and the international cooperation of the school (academy) to the delegates. He pointed out that the school (academy) has a long history of cooperation with Belarus. It is the year of China-Belarus local cooperation. We are honored to meet new friends in Vitebsk region. Next, we will actively carry out exchanges in the fields of education and science and technology. It is believed that with the joint efforts of both parties, our cooperation will surely achieve fruitful results.

This event is one of a series of activities to deeply implement the initiative of the leaders of China and Belarus to hold the China-Belarus Local Cooperation Year and promote the practical cooperation between the two provinces and states. In addition, our school (academy) also undertook the Shandong-Vitebsk Light Industry Cooperation Seminar under the framework of Shandong-Vitebsk Sister Cities Cooperation Week.